Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Monday, December 17, 2007

Early Christmas

(this really belongs in November; we'll put it there after you've had sufficient time to admire Liam in his hunter hat)
We celebrated Thanksgiving with my sister on the traditional 4th Thursday. We had a nice meal which just happened to coincide with Brooke's nap (at my sister's request - she was thankful that we obliged!).

Then on Saturday night we celebrated Christmas since my sister won't be with us this year.

First we had a lovely Christmas dinner, which included Brooke this time.

Then we had the required holiday posed photos.

Next came the presents.

Liam modeled his new hats.

The kids finished the night with a group bath.

After the little elves were in bed the adults opened a bottle of holiday cheer for themselves. A good night for all (and to all a goodnight!).

Babysitter instructions

I haven't had much time to blog lately. We've been putting so much energy into the house, trying to get a lot of projects done before Mac's family arrives for Christmas. Mac especially has been working hard. In the past month we finished painting the entry hall (we started stripping wall paper the week before Liam was born; his surprise arrival put things a bit off course); we got new Silestone counters for Megan's bath, the family room and laundry room; we got a new laundry room floor; Megan's bath is being tiled this week; and new carpet goes in on Thursday. Since all this has sapped my creative juices, I am stealing a little something from Mac.

Tonight, Mac and I had an early dinner date mostly for the purpose of "test driving" a new babysitter, who is scheduled to watch the kids for a few late night holiday events. When we got home (Mac picked me up at work) these were his handwritten instructions for the babysitter. I thought it nicely sums up where our two kids are at.

1. Is potty training
2. Pees by herself
3. Needs help wiping for poo (I don't think she will go again today)
4. Loves to color, paint, draw, etc.
5. Loves to play Cariboo
6. Loves to play Sorry; She needs help moving the pieces, but she knows most of the rules.

1. Needs a nap around 4:45 - 5:00
2. Will only sleep 30-45 minutes
3. Needs a diaper change when he wakes up
4. Food is on counter, feed him @ around 6:00
5. Bottle in fridge if fussy
6. P.J.'s on changing table
7. Bottle and diaper @ 7:30 for bed;I think we'll be home

Monday, December 3, 2007


The annual holiday party was on Sunday at the Salem Carousel. Last year we had to come up with excuses and plans to keep Megan off of the carousel. This year, she DID NOT want to ride it (insert minor irrational tantrum here). She finally took a ride sitting on my lap on a wagon bench. She said it as fun, but when I asked if she wanted to go again, she hadn;t changed her mind.

Liam seemed to enjoy his first go round, though.

Since Megan also wanted nothing to do with Santa, we didn't stay long after finishing a few cookies.