Saturday, August 27, 2011

Second Tooth

Megan's first adult tooth is growing in nicely, but we don't have to say good bye to that gapped grin just yet. On August 26th out popped tooth #2.
"What do you think the Tooth Fairy will leave me? " Megan asked.
"I don't know but I am so excited to find out."
"Me, too, Mom, but you are being sarcastic and I'm not!"

But everyone was super excited the next morning to find a one dollar bill and a small box of multi-colored sequins from the Tooth Fairy. Gosh, I can hardly wait to find out what Megan will get for tooth #3!

Friday, August 19, 2011


August 18th was Liam's half birthday and he tried to use it for leverage.
"Mom, how many presents do I get?"
"Mom, can we go to Chuck E. Cheese?"
"Mom, can we make a cake and have ice cream?"

I finally had to put my foot down: "Liam, you don't get anything on your half birthday. Your Mom and Dad give you a hug and say 'Happy Half Birthday!' and that is it."

"Uuurg!!" Liam's frustration mounted. "But it isn't happy if we don't do anything!"

So Unhappy half birthday to Liam, who is now four and a half, but still young enough that life's not fair, especially when Megan gets to do everything and Liam never gets anything. ;)

Earlier this month, I was trying to mediate a "discussion" between Mac's parents.
"I don't know why you are getting involved," Mac informed me, "You are playing with fire."

Liam was suddenly interested. "Why are you playing with fire."

And so I explained to Liam that playing is just an expression that means you are doing something dangerous.

After which Liam demonstrates his comprehension: "So when you are playing with knives, you are playing with fire."

Ummm, yeah. :)

There's always lots of silliness when Liam is around.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Emergency Summer Update...By Request

So what have we been up to in the last 8 weeks since losing a tooth?

We ran through Zion and Bryce,
We earned another buckle (and another Top 10 finish at Western States),
We made a fashion statement,
We learned to play Go Fish
We celebrated the 4th of July with old friends

We got personal with the sharks at the Newport Aquarium
We got clean after a good day at the beach
We celebrated transformation with Team Optimus Prime
We played with cousinsWe went to the zoo
We were eaten by dinosaurs!

We made magic potions at Timothy Lake.
Went to a wedding
Developed a love for light sabers
and very reluctantly danced with Daddy.

Hope you've been having a good summer, too!

(btw - blogger is possessed; it turns your font blue and underlines things for no reason)