Monday, November 21, 2011

"You've Been Banged!"

So said the hair stylist to my daughter today. Umm, hello? She's six!! Though she does look WAY older with bangs.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween: A Haiku

A few years back, I posted a "three act play" for Halloween. I don't have that kind of time anymore, so this year I offer you a haiku instead. It's literary and multicultural, but best of all it can be completed in less than 3 minutes!! And so without further ado...

Goodwill transforms kids
Kind strangers dispense candy
Way too much sugar

 Megan wanted to be a cow. "Mom, are you going to sew my costume?" she asked in early September. My first thought was "F*ck, NO!" But instead , I said, "Hmmm, maybe we can look at Goodwill first."
 No cow costumes to be found but I did get this cute pink poodle outfit. "Megan, I can take this back if you want me to keep looking for a cow outfit." But she was happy with the pink fluffy suit. As the saying goes, a pink poodle outfit in hand is worth two cows in the bush...or something like that. The collar says Mufti for my grandmother who had a poodle (actually two) with the same name.
Liam wanted to be an astronaut, but he wouldn't wear the helmet. he went around telling people he was a "space dude." Not sure where he came up with that one, but it sure didn't hurt his candy haul. That little charmer talked an extra candy bar out of just about every house! Unfortunately, this space dude was still under the effect of gravity when he stumbled against the kitchen chair earlier and bloodied his nose.

Oh, and those 70 pound pumpkins the kids are sitting on? Yeah, I grew those!! (three big ones in all plus all the little gourds, too). And if you look carefully, you can see our Halloween decor even includes a ghost in the window! BOO!