Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Memories to be Forgotten

Memorial day - the unofficial kick-off to summer. Thank God it is unofficial because there is nothing remotely close to summer around here! In my 12 years of Oregon residence, I have grown a pretty good pair of webbed feet and tolerate the wet weather fairly well, but not when it lasts till Memorial Day!! After lasts year's garden fiasco, I vowed to invest the time and energy necessary for Total Garden Awesomeness this year, but unless we get some official summer soon, it ain't gonna happen!

But the weather was just the start of our misery. I got caught in a "be careful what you wish for" moment, early Friday afternoon after spending most of the morning telling people I was hoping we'd get to leave early. Mac called to report that when Liam said he had a tummy ache that morning, he wasn't being his usual overly dramatic self; he really meant it and could back up his claim with profuse vomiting.

Mac could certainly handle a sick kid, but Megan had dress rehearsal for her ballet. So I skeedaddled on home to spend the evening with Mr. Barfy.
Mr. Barfy, the sad heap of protoplasm

On to Megan. Actually, Megan was great all weekend, but I have an issue with a ballet performance being on Saturday night of Memorial Day weekend. Yes, little girls waving their arms and twirling in uncoordinated zeal is undeniably cute (the junior high schoolers doing the same thing, not so much), but come on, couldn't we get this over with on Thursday night and let us have our holiday weekend to ourselves?? I really don't see why we need such a big production, in Salem's biggest theater, for six year olds doing ballet! Wouldn't they be just as cute in the high school auditorium??

Sure she's cute, but this ain't the Russian Ballet!

So Saturday, our afternoon was dedicated to ballet. And puking, because we wouldn't want to leave Liam out. This time I was off to ballet (and post-ballet frozen yogurt), while Mac was rubbing Liam's back every time he dry heaved (because Liam would yell,"You have to rub my back!").

Sunday, Mac completed his second 50k. He had a good time with his friend, but that little pain in his foot wasn't so little when he was done. And while he was gone, Liam was...well, you know. And Megan was moving about the house in panic trying to stay as far away from Liam as possible because it turns out she is a complete vomit-a-phobe and she's break into hysterics every time Liam got within arm's length.

Monday morning, Liam stopped vomiting! Instead there were some, er, other GI issues that had us in the bathroom at least a dozen times, But the saddest part was the little guy's spirit, which was completely broken at that point and he laid lifeless, moaning "It's not fair that I am sick and nobody else is;" "Nothing will ever make me feel better;" and "I am just sick of being sick." LiLi Bear and I stayed home and cuddled while Dad and Megan got to party and ride motorbikes at a friend's BBQ.

Tuesday, Liam seemingly turned the corner. His first words out of bed were,"I am SO hungry." and then he ate four day's worth of food. But Mac's foot woes had escalated and he was off to the doctor's to get checked for a stress fracture after dropping the kids off at work.

We raided the doctor's lounge for food and the kids ate up. As I buckled Liam into his car seat when Mac came back to pick them up, he complained of a tummy ache. "Liam, you are all better now, you are fine," I told him. But he was not so agreeable and neither was his stomach. In a quick move, I got him out of the car just in time to have him empty his stomach right in front of the hospital entrance, with a little splatter on my pants, just for good measure.

Mac's X-ray was negative but he still needs an MRI. "Don't do it while I am working!" - my sympathetic response.

Memorial Day weekend may be the unofficial start of summer, but let's just say, we have higher hopes for the official start of the summer.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Happy As A Lark

When reading, a frame of reference is always nice.

Mom (reading): ... and the Pokey Little Puppy went to bed as happy as a lark.
Liam: What's a lark?
Mom: A bird.
Liam: Well, How happy are they?