Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Birds And The Bats

Last Saturday, Megan and Liam came running upstairs after watching a TV show: "Guess what?!? A bird got in our house and is flying around?"

Mr. Incredulous asks back, "A real bird?"

"Yeah, there's a real bird in our family room!!" they yell excitedly.

So we go down stairs to check. Mac sticks his head into the room to look. Just as I get a quick glimpse of a flitting animal, Mac screams like a little girl and pulls the door shut quickly. "It's a BAT!"

Ok, now just imagine a huge blood sucking rabid bat doing circles in our family room... This was nothing like that. We had a teeny-weeny flying rodent trapped downstairs and our adrenaline was flowing.

"Just open the outside door and let the bat fly out," I say. Mac agrees that this is genius, that is until he realizes the door is locked and can't be opened from the outside. Finally realizing that he needs to grow a pair, he agrees to dart across the room and open the door, which he does with amazing expertise for such a complicated task.

We close the bat in, with the only otion for leaving the room to go outside, which it eventually does and order is restored to our little house in the country.

Thursday Megan says to me with longing, "I wish someone would bring us a baby birdie."

I don't what she is talking about, so I ask if one of her friends got a baby birdie.

"No!," She tells me,"like the song!"

"Megan, What are you talking about?!?"

"You know the Christmas song: Oh bring us a baby birdie, Oh bring us a baby birdie, Oh bring us a baby birdie and bring it right now."

I explained it was 'figgy pudding' but I think I'd rather have a baby birdie, too.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Soccer Studs

Megan and Liam had a soccer trial. Megan loved it and will be honing her soccer skills for the next 7 Wednesday afternoons. Liam may need to develop and grow just a bit more before joining the class, but he did have a bit of fun kicking the ball around in a highly uncoordinated fashion.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Heeee's Back!

Ok, so do you remember our "Poltergeist" ?

Well, our new pendant lights had been up for less than two weeks, when we came home to this scene:

A plastic hook inside the light just mysteriously broke. Fortunately, the lamp didn't hit anything on the way down so the glass didn't shatter. Lowe's replaced the light for free (we did not disclose our paranormal situation but instead claimed that the light was faulty). Kendall says ghosts don't like new things...she may be on to something! (BTW - can you see the "ghost" in the window reflection??)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Real Thanksgiving

Megan's school had a big Thanksgiving celebration on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Not only was there a big feast, but everyone got to dress up as Indians!

Now instead of having a nice white pillowcase that I can use for guests, Megan has a tattered rag dress with petroglyphs all over it!

Since we had already done the family thing, we had another Salem family over for Thanksgiving day. It was their son's 5th birthday, so for dessert we had the proper melding of the two events: a pumpkin spice birthday cake!

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Week Of Family Celebration

Early in November (8th-14th), my sister's family and my parents were here for a week long celebration.

We started things off the first night with a belated 3rd birthday bash for Brooke (mid-October).

The next night the adults hit the town, while Grammy and Grandpa spent quality time with the kids. We all went wild and had one mixed drink, which we all agreed was our current limit. Parenting has crippled our livers!!

The following day we were on to Thanksgiving! Because of an incoming storm we decided to go out and enjoy our new fire pit before dinner. What says "Holiday" better than s'more appetizers?!

I got to simultaneously enjoy some of the good things in life: beer, a s'more, and a cute baby that I don't have to take care of when he cries!

Then it was on to the feast. We had full Thanksgiving fixings: maple glazed turkey, salad, stuffing, squash, potatoes (homegrown!), and pumpkin ice cream (which won the vote over pumpkin pie by a large margin). It was just like the real thing, but without football (it was Tuesday).

What's a guy got to do to get some turkey around here?

Liam was thankful for more men in the house to share his love of trucks and tractors.

Veteran's Day is my sister and bro-in-law's actual anniversary, so we sent them out for another night on the town.

And then, Thursday we were ready for Christmas! We even had a tree and everything. ;)

And we posed for the obligatory family photos. Yet again, Megan ended up in a sundress for Christmas.

We had another great dinner, this time with prime-rib from our own pasture! You can see it was very different from the Thanksgiving celebration, because we wore red and got out Christmas napkins and plates.

About five minutes in to dinner the kids were clamoring to open gifts.

"presents! presents! presents!"

Finally we let them have at it.

The night concluded with a little downtime on the couch.

It was a great visit with lots of cousin fun. We wish we could do it more often.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So Much To Be Thankful For

On the eve of Thanksgiving, I asked Megan,"What are you thankful for?"

Megan replied,"Well, do you want to know what I wrote on my paper for school?"

Once we established that her school paper addressed my original question, I affirmed that I did.
"Well," she said,"I wrote I am thankful for Mommy and Daddy and my cats.'"

"Aren't you thankful for your brother, too?" I asked.

"Yeah, I am," Megan responded, "but I didn't think of that at school."

Happy Thanksgiving. May you be thankful for too many things to think of.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Qeen Pam

Today was a good day. I turned the projector TV on and off using the universal remote control. Megan taught me how to do it. And I got a package in the mail from someone who read my running blog and decided to send me some free gear. Also, I got to star in one of Megan's "stories." She writes a couple of these a day now. She only asked for help with the word "beautiful."

Here it is in case you are having trouble reading her "riding" (as she wrote in another composition):

Once upon a time
a beautiful
to run and one
into the forist
and she got
lost in the forist
the end.

At bedtime I asked her to tell me a story. She said she didn't know any stories. I said but you write lots of stories everyday. She told me,"But I can write stories better than I can say them." The funny thing is, I know exactly what she means.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Halloween, A Three Act Play

Act 1 - Bauman Farms

(Mom and the kiddos spend the day (Oct. 4) at Bauman Farms. There is much merriment, perhaps with the exception of getting lost in the dark maze)

Megan (diving in): Liam let's pretend we are swimming in the nuts!
Liam: Mom, We're swimming.

Liam: This is a huge-hugie.

Random Stranger: How old is your son? (after his third time going down the zip line by himself).
Mom: Two and a half.
Random Stranger: Wow! And you aren't worried he is going to fall off?
Mom (thinking to herself): And you aren't worried about minding your own business??

(later in the day)
Megan: Mom, can we ride those cars?
Mom: (not wanting to pay an extra $3): No, but you can have donut holes!
(Cheering all around)

Apple lady (to Megan): Honey, you can't touch them all! Now I have to throw these ones away!

(More sliding, running, and jumping before we all go home completely worn out)

Act 2 - EZ Orchards
(The Smiths make the annual family trip to EZ orchards (Oct. 16) with Little Red Schoolhouse. The downpour subsides right as the haywagon is loading up)

Michelle, the school director: Oh, I have to get a picture of your family every year!

Megan: I'm going to get this one! Isn't it a good one?

(Liam walks around confused by all the choices)

Megan: Did you see me do it?

Liam: Megan's not sharing!
(The Smith family is the last to leave, but not before buying a dozen donuts and a gallon of apple cider)

Act 3 - Halloween Day

Mac: Were any of the other runners dressed up?
Mom: Well, a few people had on orange shirts.

Megan: Can we do the jack-o-lanterns now?

Mom: Most people think it is gross, but I kind of like the slimy stuff.
Liam: But it's yuck!

Mac: You should not be allowed to draw circles on a pumpkin. I am going to get my drill.

Mac: That was great. I am going to get another power tool.

Chickens: bok-bok-bok-BOK!
Cows (after the chickens have had their fill and they finally mosey over): Moo!

Megan: Is the pumpkin going to catch on fire?

Liam: This candy makes me stay awake.
Mom: You have to share your candy with Mom and Dad.
Mac: Arrg. It sucks that tonight is the end of daylight savings.
Mom: Ok, that's enough candy! Time for bed.

(The lights fade as the kids snuggle into their beds and Mom sneaks back to the kitchen to eat more of the kids' candy.)

The End

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Big Changes

Lest you think I have turned into an alcoholic, I figured I better start talking about the kiddos again.

Little Meggy is growing up fast. First it was insistence on a haircut, despite Daddy's not so subtle objections ("Megan, why do you want ruin your hair by getting it cut?").

Even I have to admit, her long hair was beautiful, but look how happy she is to have it gone!

Megan had an 8 inch ponytail cut off and sent to Locks of Love, so at least the haircut was for a good cause.

In other big news, Megan got her ears pierced last Monday (the 19th). A total bait and switch as the $13 cheap studs turned into $37 jeweled flowers all just to punch a couple of silly holes in her ears! My only regret is that I didn't make her pay the difference from her piggy bank to turn it into a learning experience (don't worry, Megan's piggy bank is overflowing so she could afford it!). I guess the lesson will have to wait until she wants her belly-button pierced. ;)

As Megan points out, she is "four and three quarters" now...growing up fast!