Friday, May 29, 2009

Chicken Dinner

The four new chicks moved out to the hen house right before we left. They seemed to be getting along Ok with the hens, so we didn't worry about them when we left. Unfortunately, Mac's construction wasn't quite as impenetrable as he thought. Something (we think raccoons) dug under the fence (set about 1 foot deep in the ground) and had all the little guys for dinner (there were some left overs, but I'll spare you photos!).
So we sadly say goodbye to Daisy, Lavender Lily, Mommy (Chicken) and Daddy (Chicken).

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Better Than Getting Carded

We've been spending the week in Lincoln, CA at my parents house doing lots of running, golfing, golf-cart driving, and relaxing.

Today I went to swim laps in the indoor pool, while my mom splashed in the shallow pool outside with Megan.

I jumped in, swam two laps, and was just starting to get my goggles on, when the pool monitor rushed over. (Well, she rushed as best a 65 year old can. My parents live in an "active adult" community, which is 55 and over, but it seems more like everyone is pushing 75, which is why I was so conspicuous. Anyway...) She comes up to me with a mission," Excuse me! Are you over 18? You know, you have to be at least 18 to swim in this pool."

Obviously, she needs a vision check, but it was still nice to have to explain that I was indeed over 18.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Importance of Accessories

Megan says: "Liam is cuter than me without my sunglasses, but with my sunglasses on, I am cuter than Liam."

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Tetanus Booster?

You can't get tetanus from sucking on rusty nails, can you? I sure hope not, cause that's what I found Liam doing when we were digging in the garden! (he found a left over from the construction project - they left hundreds around the house!!).

Liam has some weird oral fixation going on. He's back to putting everything in his mouth. I thought he had already grown out of that!

Today, at breakfast Liam pointed to a big bug in the window: "Is dat a fly?" I confirmed that it was. "Can I eat it?"

Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails??

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Baby Names

On Friday, the Social Security Administration released info in regards to baby names for 2008. Liam is on the rise, coming at #75 for boys. Megan loses a few places every year and now is just barely in the top 100 (#100). Meanwhile Pamela is sinking like a lead duck - #670. At work I am always shocked when I see a young Pamela patient. It is going to be the Edith of the next generation! But what I find most upsetting is that Riley is #39 for girls and #106 for boys. Sorry if your kid is named Riley (actually I am really sorry for your kid), but Oh. My. God. - I hate this name! This is a dog's name! Why not just name your kid Spot, or Fido, or Butch - at least it would be more original! Well, to each his own. I had someone tell me Liam is a bad name (while he was still in utero, but that was the selected name), and MANY people tell me that one of my favorite names (Molly) is a dog's name and that it means 'prostitute' in Ireland. At least Trig hasn't hit the top 100 yet!

Check out where your name (or your kid's) ranked last year:

Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring in Salem

Two weeks ago, we went to AgFest. The kids had so much fun with Daddy on Saturday, they begged me to take them back on Sunday. I took some great pics, but our camera went completely haywire (too much AgFest straw??) and so I don't have them.

Last Wednesday we got a new camera. Here's what we have documented so far:

Liam getting bullied at school:

The kids in the garden:

We are loving the sunny weather and the long days, but it is hard to keep the kids on a normal routine. Today, for example, we were outside till 6:30 and then we came in and fed the kids peanutbutter and marshmellow sandwiches. We stressed that this was a special situation and that we don't normally eat like that. But I am wondering how are we going to eat normally and get the kids to bed on time when it is light till 9:00 every night?? Oh, well, that is a problem I am happy to have - yeah, spring!