Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thank You, Blazers!

About fricken' time! I have come to hate the Blazers more than I hate the Lakers. Now I can have my husband and my regularly scheduled broadcasting back!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


In the last month a lot of strange things have been happening around our house. You might be inclined to think it is because we live in an old house, but only the new stuff is affected.

First, a picture fell off of a shelf and the frame broke. That photo has been sitting there for two years without issue.

A couple weeks later our curtain rod fell off the wall.

And then this week our bathroom mirror fell off the wall.

We figured the frame we could blame on Liam. He started sleeping in his "big boy bed" about a month ago and it is on the other side of that wall. He certainly does a lot of kicking and banging when he goes to sleep, so we figured a violent kick dislodged the photo.

Our curtain rod we attributed to Megan. She likes to opes and close the curtains herself and maybe hangs on them a bit too much.

But the mirror fell off the wall when we weren't even home. It's paranormal, I tell you! Maybe the ghosts don't like our style of decorating!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter '09

Like all things worth celebrating with kids, a day just isn't enough. So we've been having fun all week - just ask Mac how psyched he was to "practice" egg hunting all week with the kids!

On Wednesday, Mac and the kids got us four new Easter chicks, silver laced wyandottes. They should be pretty cool looking chickens.

Then Saturday we took the kids to an Easter Egg Hunt. Before we left Mac asked me, "Do you have a basket for each kid?"

"You don't take baskets! That's a rookie mistake!" I got the kids bags, which everyone knows is the appropriate egg hunting paraphernalia; if you are running (and of course you are because you have to get as much candy as possible) the eggs will fall out of the baskets!

Growing up, the Saturday hunt was always a very Pagan affair held by the parks and recreation department. But here it seems like all the free egg hunts are sponsored by churches. No matter, a little spirituality can't keep me and my kids from candy! Plus the church has coffee and donut holes for the adults (yes, I did eat eight - gluttony is NOT a sin in my book since I feel like I earned those calories!)

The morning started with a story reading, The Best Thing About Easter, before they let the kids loose to hunt for eggs. Let's just say I saw the ending coming, but my kids weren't paying any attention after the first couple of pages. In fact, Liam was too busy putting his head in his bag once again!

The church made sure everything was very fair and told all the kids they could each only find 12 eggs. I thought that was a nice idea, but it made the whole bag thing unnecessary. Oh well, at least the kids are learning proper technique. This was also the only public egg hunt that I have ever been to where the eggs were actually hidden, instead of just being thrown en masse on a grassy field. It was actually quite comical watching the 10 year olds, whose eggs were the most difficult to find. All the little kids finished way before they did (in fact there still may be eggs in the woods next to the church!).

Liam eventually got the idea, but Megan was done before I even got over to take a photo of her hunting!

Sunday, we had our own Easter baskets and then the home Easter egg hunt. We had to have inside because of the rain.

Following Proffitt family rules, all eggs were visible (at least from some angle), but this took the kids forever! And of course, we had the traditional scavenger hunt. Megan was so excited to find and read the clues, she didn't even notice the final prize and instead came back complaining, "I can't find a clue under the sink!"

Then I dressed the kids in their Easter finest for some egg dying.

And then off to the bath to test out the new squirt guns and bubble bath from the Easter Bunny! This was such a hit we had to do it again after dinner! Their teeth may be rotten, but at least their skin is clean!

(Liam is drinking from his squirt gun, not making out with it, though, I am not sure which one is worse, especially because it is bath water in that thing. At least his head isn't in a plastic bag...).

I hope you all had a Happy Easter!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bag Head

The grapes may be gone, but that's not the end of the fun!

My reaction was about a 50/50 mix of extreme horror and utter amusement. Since there are little holes in the bag, I thought I could at least get a photo before setting the record straight that we don't play with plastic bags on our heads.