Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mom and Dad's Awesome Day

On Thursday August 29th, Mac and I decided to cash in our Father's Day Groupon for a helicopter flight from Newberg over the Willamette Valley.
Our craft
Ready for take-off!
"We're flying!"
Hovering low
Soaring high
Getting a sneak peak at Heizer Farm's corn maze

After checking helicopter ride off of our bucket list, we decided to check out the candy making monks in Amity. We arrived at a quaint little chapel in the middle of nowhere.
The church had four beautiful stained glass panels depicting monks, but there was a lady in there who was praying and I wasn't sure if snapping photos was in line. So instead, I posed with Our Lady of Consolation.
In Amity, consolation can be found in delectable confections made by the monks. Like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, we rang the mysterious doorbell, not knowing what to expect. A very solemn guy in plain clothes (and a bit of a mullet) led us into a plain room with shelves lined with goodie boxes. We fairly quickly picked out a pound of fudge, a pound of praline fudge, and a box of truffles.

"Are there ever tours of the chocolate making facilities?" I ask as Mac forks over the cash.
"No," our very chatty attendant responds, and with that, our chocolate purchasing is complete, leaving Mac and I to contemplate whether or not or companion was a monk or not.

Afterwards, we headed off to Blue Goat for a delicious local grown meal.

"All of the main ingredients come from a 20 mile radius" or server tells us as we are munching on a calamari appetizer.

"Really? Where does the squid come from?"

"Umm, not the calamari." Then he sees our hummus. "The garbanzo beans aren't from around here either. But all the meats and vegetables." Though we had a few things that weren't exactly "farm to table" dinner was superb and they have a huge wood fired oven to make yummy fresh bread. I recommend the place highly (even the frozen calamari from California was delicious), but save room for dessert - both offering were to die for! We didn't even have to open our fudge!

Too Cute!

Need I say more? :)