Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Vegas, Baby!

Mac and I left the day after Liam's birthday for 4 days in Vegas - without the kids! The trip was great even if I was there for a conference.

I have been putting off the write-up for this (and everything else for the blog) because I wanted to do this from the "foodie" angle, with emphasis on the sublime 16 course meal we had on Thursday night, but the write-up is just no good without pictures. The pictures we took suck - the lighting and angle as a diner are just all wrong. We got an elegant brochure with photos of all the courses, but scanning them just doesn't excite me (or more accurately, would require Mac's assistance). Besides that incredible dining experience, we also ate at Bobby Flay's restaurant, met up with Mac's college roommate and his wife, and had a nice "comped" meal with my cousin and his friends at the Palms (my cousin is a professional gambler; the comp was his, not ours. Mac only gambled away $65; I didn't bet a cent - not exactly high rollers! But my work did pay for the trip!).

We had a good trip all around. Without kids, even the plane ride was enjoyable. We came back so relaxed, Mac made it a whole twelve hours before I saw him stress out about something the kids were doing (he was asleep for the first eight hours).

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Liam Turns Two

Hard to believe that it was already two years ago that our little guy was surprising us with an early entry into the world! We had a simple celebration at home with Mac's parents and plenty of cake and ice cream.

"I'm two!"

In other big milestones - this is Babewatch entry #600!

Monday, February 9, 2009

How To Be A Great Parent - In Three Easy Steps

1) Provide stimulating activity. The kids always love art projects, but they are so messy. I had this great idea that the kids could finger paint in the bathtub and then clean-up would be much easier. I was in a very good mood, so I gave Megan a very special bonus activity: "erasing" the paint! I gave her a sponge and told her to do the whole thing, because of my particular generosity.

2) Continuously strive to be a better parent. Whenever you stop learning you stagnate. That's why I was pursuing self improvement while the kids were painting. The entire time I sat on the sink reading a parenting magazine. The margarita I was drinking helped foster a good learning environment.

3) Provide good nutrition. After I got the kids all washed up, I could tell they were hungry. I didn't want to fix anything complicated because the kitchen was already a big mess and I wisely didn't want to add to it (I couldn't be bothered with dishes because I was focusing all of my attentions on my children). But I knew they needed to get their blood sugar up before we had a major melt-down. So we split a bag of Skittles. Because I want to be a good wife as well as a good mom, I made sure we finished the whole bag before Mac got home, because he is on a diet and we aren't.

Being a parent is hard work, but it is worth it when you can feel proud of the job you have done.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Half Way to 70!

Today is Mac's birthday. He's 35 - I think he woke up with a few more gray hairs!

Mac was kind enough to let me do a little 42 mile run yesterday (yes, I am serious), so it was only fitting that he got to do whatever he wanted today. I think it was a real testament to his fitness transformation that he chose to go for a run before going to play golf! Yeay - it is like we are a two-runner family now. I love it! Plus, he requested NO CAKE - that is serious!

Good job, hon! HAPPY 35th BIRTHDAY!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mr. Independent

Liam insists on feeding himself. See how good he has gotten?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super SuperBowl

We had a few families over for the Super Bowl, including my sister's family who we were seeing for the last time before they move to the East Coast next week. :(

We had the adults all lined up on a couch in front of one TV and the kids all packed together in front of the other TV.

Doesn't my sister looked psyhed to be sitting with the kids??

For half-time there was cookie docorating for those who weren't interested in Bruce.

Perhaps Megan had one too many cookies, but isn't that what the Super Bowl is all about?