Sunday, February 14, 2010

Deep Thoughts For Valentine's Day

Megan is done with napping, but to preserve adult sanity and to allow for my weekend nap, Megan is still required to spend some "Quiet Time" in her room each afternoon. Mostly she reads. Last week she busted out the blocks and went crazy building a castle. But for Valentine's Day today, Megan contemplated love on the dry erase board on her door:

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Avoiding The Mid-Life Crisis??

Monday was Mac's birthday. I celebrated by getting a crown. No, not a party crown (or a tiara for the bedroom with nothing else on, like the kinky moms in Megan's dance class suggested!). Nope, I was getting a shiny new crown for my cracked back molar. The dentist office said they would e-mail me the photo of the tooth, so I could show off my misfortune to the blog world, but they didn't come through.

Anyway, with a new tooth, we figured the best thing to do would be to go out to eat! So we went to a local bakery/eatery where Mac indulged in a SALAD, while the kids had blueberry pancakes (for dinner) with mounds of whip cream. That counts as a nutritious meal, right?

Mac had told me NO CAKE, but I came up with the perfect compromise: a mini cup cake from Bakery D'Amour, which Mac agreed was the perfect size. But even with five of those little suckers, it was a challenge getting 36 candles on there! (they are normally $1 each, but they had a special 5 for $3.95. I was willing to sacrifice and eat another one to save a nickel).

If the food choices didn't clue you in, let me just say Mac is a changed man! He has truly embraced the Get Fit Slowly Lifestyle. He's starting his 36th year lighter than our wedding day and he's taken to running. Not just a little - a lot. He's got his first marathon scheduled for early May! He's got less than 5 pounds to go to get to his goal weight. This is really exciting for me, because it will be skinnier than I have ever seen him. But more importantly, he grew the beard so that he could shave it off, a la Biggest Loser style transformation and I am ready to see the end of that ridiculous thing!

Happy Birthday, Mac! You're looking good, old man!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hey, Turkey!

There's a wild turkey that's been wandering around down by the Creekside golf course the last few weeks. But this is no ordinary birdbrain; he had the smarts to show up right after Thanksgiving and Christmas were over!