Monday, January 29, 2007

Low-fat Milk Pays Off

Megan had her two year old check up on Monday. At her 18 month check-up she was in the 75th percentile for weight but only the 50th for height; we switched her to low-fat milk right after that. This time around Megan was still in the 75th percentile, but her height shot up to the 80th percentile. Good to see she is growing up, not out! Her stats at two years came in just under some major measurement milestones:

Weight: 29 pounds
Height: 35 inches

Megan spent the entire time chanting about her arm: "Need to fix my arm." Megan obviously has fond memories of her dislocated elbow visit! The doctor politely examined both of Megan's arms, which she kept shoving in the Doc's face with the demands "fix my arm." "fix this arm." At the end of the visit we got to proclaim them "all better."

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Jack Spratt

Jack Spratt could eat no fat
His wife could eat no lean
And so, between the two,
They licked the platter clean.

Have you ever noticed how nursery rhymes paint such a rosy picture, glossing over the ugly realities of a situation? Like child protective services stepping in to rescue the kids from the old woman who lived in the shoe, the SPCA prosecuting Old Mother Hubbard for neglecting her dog, or the third degree burns Jack Be Nimble got after recklessly playing with fire in an unsupervised fashion. And what about Little Boy Blue: "Will you wake him? No, Not I, For if I do he's sure to cry." I'll bet his dad gave him something to cry about when his dad found out how much damage the cows and sheep had done to the corn crop!

Kidding aside, Mac and I have been living the roles of Jack Spratt and his wife for the last month, and let me tell you, it is no picnic in the sun. Mac started dieting on January 2 (not the first, because "you can't start a diet on a holiday"), predominantly cutting calories by cutting out a lot of simple carbs. Meanwhile, I am in the process of growing a small human inside me, one that has to increase his weight by 75% in the next eight weeks! And while I have no specific cravings, I crave CALORIES! I want all the fat and carbs that Mac is so diligently trying to avoid.

Don't get me wrong, I like veggies a lot and a good salad can be quite enjoyable, but a bowl of lettuce as an entire meal? If you expect me to just eat a salad for dinner, you better be serving extra-large milk shakes for dessert with a couple of cookies on the side!

Unfortunately, Mac's resolve is only so strong. Actually, it is more like a house of cards, ready to collapse with the slightest disturbance. We both know the best way for him to succeed is to not have any temptation and so our cupboards contain cans of beans and soup; our fridge has cheese, and yogurt and, yes, lettuce - lots of lettuce. I don't get to have boxes of treats in the pantry that are "for fetal nutrition only" - it just wouldn't work. Although, I must admit I have contemplated some sort of lock and chain system.

Because of this situation, it may come as no surprise that two pounds of candy "mysteriously" made their way into my cart when Mac sent me to the store on a semi-urgent milk and fruit run Friday. I had crammed a handful of spice drops into my mouth before I had even left the parking lot. I stashed the candy around the house and joyously snacked the last few days, but alas, the candy ran out last night.

I know playing Jack Spratt isn't easy for Mac either, as I am sure he is not thrilled to be eating beans and salad every night either. Hopefully, in a few months both of us will be eating more in moderation and things can reach a happy medium, where we both get to eat a little fat and a little lean.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Megan phrases

A few phrases that give us a kick:

It's lossing.
- This is Megan's hybrid between "missing" and "lost." After several months in the vernacular, usage is finally dwindling a bit. But just this evening Butter Cookie (her doll) was "lossing." Don't worry, she was just under the bed!

A big bit.
- This is the obvious opposite to "a little bit." The conversation usually goes something like, "I'll put a little bit of toothpaste on your brush." ... "I want a big bit."

A different something else.
- Megan quickly bores of what she has and frequently asks for "something else," and is often not more specific than this. If she doesn't like what we hand her, she lets us know she wants "a different something else." This usually applies when I am pulling potential play items out of one of our adult drawers. Megan doesn't know what else might accompany the rolling pin and cookie cutters in the baking drawer, but she'll keep asking till she finds out or gets something really good out of the deal!

Megan loves bubbles. We blow them till we are light headed but she still wants more. One day Megan asked to do bubbles: "want to do bubbles."

We were getting set to watch a football game and thought that'd be a good time to indulge Megan: "we'll do bubbles when we watch football."

Without missing a beat, Megan responded,"I want to watch football."

Monday, January 22, 2007

For the Pig

Megan got a piggy bank for Christmas. Because of this, she has come to love money, not because it has any value to her, but because she can put it in the bank. If we hand her change from our pockets of find a spare coin in the couch she excitedly runs to her room yelling, "put it in the piggy bank." If we let her put metal washers in the bank, she'd love those, too.

Sadly, my vacation came to a close this Monday morning. I wasn't really thrilled to return to the grind and Megan didn't really want to see me go either.

"No mommy go to work!" she begged.
"Mommy has to go to work," Mac explained, "to make the money," he added in partial jest.
Megan nodded solemnly, as if it all made sense now. "For the Pig."

Megan got 15 cents (mostly in pennies) when I got home - for the pig.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Megan Turns Two

We celebrated Megan's second birthday a couple of days early while Mac's mom was still here. Megan's good (only?) friend Kate and her family joined us for the celebration.

I cleverly made faces on the cupcakes using "the favorite kind of treats" (Candy corn - it became her "favorite" after just one try. But later she distinguished chocolate chips as "my favorite kind of chocolate treat").

Look at that blowing skill - good thing she had been practicing (Megan actually singed her eyelashes a few days earlier with her candle blowing enthusiasm).

Mac got to have lots of fun for Megan's birthday, too: he got to assemble the Hotwheel from my parents. Actually, it probably wouldn't have been so bad if he didn't have a little "helper."

At one point Megan put a bunch of the parts into the steering column hole, leaving Mac to fish them out.

Keep an eye out for this trend, completely contrived by my very fashion opinionated two year old: Striped shorts over your polk-a-dot pajamas. Don't blame her parents for that one!

Happy Birthday, Megan!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Just Like Daddy

Megan has had only two successful attempts on the potty so far. Mostly she's content to just sit.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Checking the e-mail

"Play computer" is one of Megan's new favorite games. We have to keep the laptop hidden or she starts begging for it.
When we do let her play we turmn on Word Perfect and set the font around 36 and let her type away. She narrates as she types her gibberish: "it's an 'M.' ... I did a seven.' Every now and then we get a "what's that?" but how do you explain a backslash or an equal sign to a two-year old?

I expect she actually will be sending e-mails not to long from now. (Historical note: I think I sent my first e-mail right around my 18th birthday. "When I was a kid, we didn't have e-mail, or the internet or cell phones..." Now if you'll excuse me while I go brush my dentures!)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"Softy the Snowman"

Like many others, we, too went out for a romp in the snow today. Look how excited Megan is for her first snow experience:

And what would a day in the snow be without a snowman? Now, you all have heard of Frosty the Snowman, as has Megan, but apparently not enough to make a well formed connection in those plastic little neurons of hers. When we were done she proclaimed, "It's Softy the snowman." Try as we might, she never did give up on calling him Softy. Given the state of our slushy snow, maybe she had the right idea!

As you can see, Megan warmed up to the whole snow idea. In fact, I pretty much had to drag her back into the house after we spent what seemed like forever throwing snowballs into the pond ("I made a plash! ... More snowballs, Mommy!"). The Christmas lights behind Softy came down later in the day - better late than never!

Also today: Mac and I started dating 15 years ago! That sounds like such a long time and yet it has seemed to go by so fast. Happy Anniversary, M!

I hit 30 weeks gestation, the point I would consider the true half-way point of pregnancy. And right on cue, I desperately want it to be over. Though this has been a very problem free and easy pregnancy, I still don't find pregnancy to be an enjoyable state: only sleeping on my side, the constant stuffy nose, the freakishly large belly, the pelvic symphysis pain, and a constantly hiccupping fetus who is in direct competition with my bladder and liver - sorry not my idea of fun! On the bright side, I am finally warm. Ten weeks (or fewer) and counting.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

P.C. Arizona

The Phoenix airport not only has changing tables in the bathrooms for your kids, but also it is very accommodating for the diaper wearing older population as well:

Our Babymoon

In the last few years “the babymoon” has become en vogue, both as a term and as a thing to do. The babymoon is a last get-away for expectant parents, before they have to dive into the rigors of having a new baby.

The idea was especially appealling to us, as we both thought a vacation from parenting would do us good before becoming the parents of two. So we jumped on the opportunity of a mid-winter get away WITHOUT MEGAN.

Mac’s parents came up Thursday night and Megan seemed quite content with the explaination that “Mamaw and Papa will feed you, play with you, change your diaper, and put you to bed while Mommy and Daddy are gone.” In fact she raised minimal protest as we said goodbye, although I was starting to have Mommy-guilt about leaving my baby. This was the first time both Mac and I had left her together, but I knew it’d be good for all of us.

Our flight to Phoenix was uneventful and actually quite relaxing. I walked onto the plane with nothing but a Starbuck’s smoothie in my hand – no baby to lug, no diaper bag, no stroller (Mac did have a small bag that contained a book for me) . I kept feeling like I had forgotten something.

The two and a half hour flight seemed to pass in half the time the hour and forty-five minute flight to LA takes, perhaps because we got to read and nap instead of wrestling with a very active lap child for the entire time!

Once in Phoenix we took the shuttle to the rental car center to pick up our car. As we walked through the parking lot to our car, we passed rows of the generic small sized sedans that we were expecting. When we got to space H-3 we did a double take, as we realized we would be cruising Arizona in the midget-hurst that is the Chrystler HHR, letters that we decided must stand for “highly humorous rental.” But it got us to the resort without any problems, that is, if you don't count the radio turning on every time we used the blinkers.

I spent the most of the days attending a pathology conference while Mac golfed. We had some time in the afternoon to hang out and we got to catch up with two of Mac’s close college friends and their family. We got to lay around all day Sunday, napping and watching football (with no one asking us to read stories or do puzzles!).

We enjoyed some great dinners: Chaparal at the resort, Drinkwaters, and Vincent's on Camelback, which was part of Restaurant Magazine's top 50 restaurants in THE WORLD for 2003. We thought it lived up to the billing and were just bowled over by all the comp's that Vincent was giving out. Vincent selected two desserts for both me and Mac "on the house, on the house!" We couldn't think of a restaurant experience that compared.

The only snag in our trip was the flight home. because of the bad weather in Portland, we were delayed 5 hours and had a particularly long and boring stint in the Phoenix airport. Plus we didn't get to see our little Meggie before she went to bed that night! But, in the end, we made it home safely.

I have the rest of the week off, which I will be spending in Mercury detox. Yes, I went a little crazy with the seafood, but how could I resist bisque with fresh lobster and caviar, tuna tartare, crab legs, a seared ahi steak, or grilled lobster with fresh habanero pasta? Besides do you really think my unborn son will really miss those few IQ points?? And Mac is trying to get back into the habit of sensible eating after gorging ourselves for five straight days.

No, it was all that exotic or adventurous when "Mommy and Daddy were in Zona" (Arizona) but it was still a great (kidfree!) trip.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

21st Century Child

Today I was at the computer with Megan in the room. Megan announced,"I want to play computer," a phrase she has used before to let us know that she'd like a turn banging on the keys. But today she had more to say: "I want to play computer. Want to check the e-mail."

I guess if Elmo can get e-mail so can my one year old!

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Happy New Year

New Year's Eve with kids isn't the same raucous party it used to be (meaning we weren't able to watch movies and go to bed at 11:15 like we used to do on New Year's), but we still managed to have a good time.

Jenn very thoughtfully brought down lots of tinsel, noisemakers and hats. Our floors have had a festive sparkle and glitter to them ever since!

And what fun is New Year's without some midnight fireworks (that would be EST, of course)? Megan and I had prime seats for taking in all the smoke, and the fireworks, too. Megan finally decided the fireworks were pretty cool, right about the same time we ran out of them.

After the kids went to bed, Jenn Shanghai-ed us all in a game of late night cards.

Happy 2007!