Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall Fun!

October 16th was our annual trip to Bauman Farms. Lots of fun for the kids...and maybe the parents, too. Although, Liam didn't think the monster golf was so fun as we dragged him through the muddy corn course.

All the traditional fun, and some new stuff, too.
 Getting lost in the blow-up bouncer

Enjoying some cider and goats!

The kids aren't the only ones having fun.

Hey - no spare tires on this family!
They had one more spot in the pie eating contest. Liam stepped right up (so much for wash your face before you eat)

What a sweet face! Some huge boy ate his whole pie in the time it took Liam to eat about three bites, but he had a great time and we all enjoyed the rest of the pie in the garden when it was over.
We also ran all over doing the scavenger hunt this year...I think Megan was pretty disappointed to learn we didn't get a prize at the end (Megan is a little over-obsessed with prizes these days), but it was still fun finding all the answers.

We are already looking forward to next year!

Big Milestones!

Last week we celebrated the use of parentheses and it looks like we will soon be adding paragraphs to the list!

This was a "top secret" letter to Megan's teacher. I wouldn't have even noticed except Megan said,"Mom! Do Not read this. It is NOT for you!" Which, of course, meant I was sneaking around to see it and then nearly died after I had!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Victoria Marathon Weekend

This weekend, Pam and I took the kids up to Victoria, BC. It was my third trip to this very beautiful little city on the coast of Vancouver Island. Other than the really long drive and ferry ride on Thursday and then again on Sunday, it was really a splendid weekend. Along the way, we:

Imitated art

Held some really cool bugs

Climbed some humungous trees!

And ran a couple of races. 

Pam did awesome (as usual). She completed the half marathon in 1:25 and secured her spot in the "elite" field at the upcoming California International Marathon in December. I didn't have a stellar day but it was a lot of fun. I finished my fourth marathon in 3:50. Not my fastest or my slowest, but considering my injuries and a trip to Europe during this training cycle I'm not upset. Next up for both of us is the Autumn Leaves 50K on October 29th where Pam will be doing her impersonation of Medusa while running and I will be doing my best not to get lapped by her on the 10K loop style course! 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Final 2011 Beach Trip

 Way back in January, we purchased a weekend at the coast (Seaside, OR) at the Salem Multicultural Ball's silent auction. This past weekend, we finally got around to using it. We spent Thursday evening and Friday hanging out on the beach as a family:

Then on Saturday morning, Debbie and Ming brought their kids out for the day as well. The kids played awesome together. In between rain showers, the kids:

Had fun on the beach

Watched a movie (or two)

And played a video game (or ten)

Sunday afternoon, we all packed up headed home and got back to reality. It was a nice, but short, little getaway from Salem.